Mac Brothers Mac-Care Range

Mac Brothers

Bedpan Sluice Sinks

Our new range of sluice sinks have been upgraded to provide improved safe-use of the apparatus. Bedpan and bottle wash spray units operate on demand to prevent accidental spray. The bottle or pan is pressed on a spray nozzle, which is spring operated.


Mac Brothers

Commercial Sinks

Our expertise, experience and technology makes us a global player in the field of commercial sinks and tables. Our quality is of international standards.


Mac Brothers

Cleaner Drip Sinks

OA large pressed bowl 50-litre capacity cleaner sink with 250mm depth to minimise spillage as a standard. A new model with integrated 450mm splashback has been introduced to improve hygiene against wall.


Mac Brothers

Scrub Sinks

Surgical site infection rates can be improved by acting upon various factors, from the surgical environment itself to procedural aspects and staff behaviour.


Mac Brothers

Shelving Systems

The shelving system is of high quality achieved through the use of a fully automated panel bender machine, which also produces each shelf and post with a safety edge.


Mac Brothers

Slop Hoppers

Grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel 1.2mm gauge, 100mm splashback to back and sides, hygienic and rigid construction, sturdy hinged bucket grid, the outlet is designed to suit a standard 110mm, PVC or cast iron ā€œPā€-Trap, removable strainer grid to prevent blockage, as standard.


Mac Brothers

Commercial Tables and Wall Benches

OIt is not easy to be a global player; your quality has to consistently exceed expectations. While all tables look the same on top, it is on the underside where the difference is. Such high-end quality is only achievable through the investment in high-tech equipment to eliminate human error.


Mac Brothers

Janitor Sink

Mac-Care Janitor sink code SMH0243 manufactured from Grade ( 304 ) 18/10 stainless steel manufactured by Mac Brothers.


Mac Brothers

Plaster of Paris Sink

Mac Care Code (please specify) Plaster of Paris sink, manufactured from Grade 304 (18/10) stainless steel.