Plexicor AutoSpec


The name Plexicor is synonymous with quality and the philosophy of the company is to manufacture to the highest standards. The goal is to produce the best.

Service and competitive prices are equally important however and customer satisfaction and loyalty is first prize. Now, fifty years since humble beginnings nothing has changed and our commitment is still to produce the best.

The company was established in 1952 and in the course of the last 50 years it has been involved in virtually all aspects of plastics manufacturing. Since the early seventies however sanitaryware has dominated to such a degree that Plexicor has focused completely on this industry.

It has designed in-house most of itís own machinery and tooling. So successful did it become in this area that complete turnkey plants were designed and again produced in-house, for Australia, Israel and England. This expertise has also extended to the chemistry of plastics and at one stage Plexicor owned a factory producing acrylic sheeting. It was subsequently sold to an AECI subsidiary which is now part of the Lucite International group. This relationship prospered and together with AECI, Plexicor developed a material called Karran, specifically for the manufacture of kitchen sinks. It has been a major export success and markets supplied included the UK, Australia and the United States.

Plexicor has always been a leader in design integrity and quality, being an engineering led company. It was the first bath manufacturer to get the SABS mark, and the only one to get the American IAPMO seal of approval, as well as that of the Australian Water Board. It is the only one to be granted the ISO 9002 approval by TUV, the Germany Agency. All baths correspond to EN198 standards.

So much then for where Plexicor came from. Where is it now? The factory is located in Pietermaritzburg, a city in KwaZulu/Natal. It is set in 2.1 hectares of park like grounds and the buildings cover more than 8700 sq. metres.