Atlas Plastics AutoSpec

Atlas Plastics (Pty) Ltd has it's origins as far back as 1969 when L.H. Lategan (Pty) Ltd (the original company) was established as a mining supplies company. Atlas Plastics traded under the L.H. Lategan banner until May 2001 when it became an independent company within the Lategan Group. The staff, directors and shareholders have remained the same.

The head office and manufacturing plant is based in Klerksdorp. The company has national representation with branches in all the major centres in South Africa. The research and development facility has been upgraded with the purchase of the latest in computer equipment and programmes. They are continually exploring the boundaries of rotomoulding and designing new and innovative products.

The products manufactured are diverse and cover a wide range of markets. Every day numerous South Africans across the country will encounter a product manufactured by Atlas Plastics, whether it be a refuse bin, children's toy, a toilet or a dog kennel.

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