Ivory 320
Epoxy Thixotropic Adhesive


A two component medium cure, thixotropic epoxy adhesive with excellent gap filling properties.

A general purpose adhesive for most materials excluding certain plastics and stainless steel.
Highly recommended in boat building applications in adhering wood to wood, wood to glass fibre, Formica and melamine to wood.
Can be mixed with fillers such as saw dust or silica.

Surface Preparation
Any surface to be treated must be clean, dry, sound and free of contamination with foreign matter. Vacuum cleaning and wiping with Flowcrete Epoxy Thinners is recommended. Smooth surfaces to be abraded. Teak and oil containing woods to be thoroughly treated with oil-free acetone to provide an oil free bonding surface.

Mix on a flat, clean surface such as a board or plate. Measure out quantities in accordance with mixing ratio and thoroughly mix to a homogeneous material using a spatula, paint scraper etc. If a filled material is required add the filler only after mixing is completed. All material should be stored in a cool place prior to mixing.

Spread the mixed material on one face, thick enough to extrude when both surfaces are mated and pressure applied. Bonded faces must be kept under pressure until the adhesive is set.

Health & Safety
Some of the components of this product may be hazardous during mixing and application. Please consult the relevant Health & Safety Data Sheet available from Flowcrete on request and sent with each delivery.

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