Construction Details - Prestige


System overview


1 Lay-in tile "Prestige"
2 24 mm T-profile
3 Hanger
4 Z-profile
5 Connector spring

A: max. 1200mm
B: max. 600mm
C: max. 300mm



Base material             : Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), density 730 kg/m3 . Fire resitant impregnated.
Face material             : Wood veneer. For available wood types, see colours and finishes.


The straight edges of the tiles are finished. None of the base material is visible. The visible face of the tiles is standard finished with a clear UV-resistant polyacrylic varnish.


The tiles are profiled on two opposite edges. The tiles are simply hooked onto the Z-profiles, in the other direction the tiles are butted together. The bevelled edge of the tile creates a small V-joint between the tiles. The tiles can be demounted by lifting them up and then sliding the tiles downward from the Z-profile.

Fire retardent

The MDF-base of the tiles is impregnated with a FR substance, enhancing the reaction-to-fire properties of the tiles. Testreports are available on request.