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Sonae Arauco

Sonae Arauco is a significant player in the global wood-based panel industry and a major player locally, with a fully-automated and highly-engineered manufacturing plant in South Africa.


Our vision is to create wood-based solutions for a better life and planet

We believe in the value of wood in people's lives. Our vision is to provide sustainable wood-based solutions that improve modern quality of life. Our aim is to be the wood brand choice of clients, employees, suppliers and communities. Sonae Arauco stands for its purpose of creating wood-based solutions for a better life, a better future and a better planet.


Our mission is to offer wood-based products that improve people's lives

We have an industrial soul and we believe in wood-lasting partnerships. We seek excellence and long-term profitability along with our business partners. Our everyday dream is to take our clients' ambitions further by offering an attractive combination of industrial expertise, functionality, sustainable quality, design and price.