Quest for Fire
Once experienced, the ambience of an open fireplace and glowing coals is not easily forgotten. For more than 50 years, Jetmaster has been instrumental in making this unique experience a reality to homeowners.

Grate Options
Because Jetmaster offers the options of wood, anthracite, coal and gas you have complete flexibility.

Five Times the Heat
By installing a Jetmaster, you can look forward to up to five times more warmth than any ordinary fireplace.

The Jetmaster Fifteen-year Warranty
All Jetmaster fire boxes carry a 15-year warranty. Full details on your warranty card.(Excludes rust).

New or Existing Homes
To own a new Jetmaster you don’t even need a brick chimney, because Jetmaster has a fireplace to suit every home.

No Smoking
With a Jetmaster fireplace you’re guaranteed to get all the heat you need, without a trace of smoke.

Glow and Blow
The two-way heating system (radiation and convection) ensures minimal heat loss up the chimney, so you feel the full heat of the fire while the convection system circulates the warmth evenly throughout the room (see diagram on bottom left)

Free to Choose
With Jetmaster’s exciting variety of fuel options, styles, sizes and grate options, you can be certain that you’ll find one that’s perfect for your home.

An Investment in Living
Whether you’re looking for a fireplace or a built-in barbecue, your Jetmaster will enhance your quality of life.


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