The idea of a slow burning stove originated hundreds of years ago in Europe where the colder climates dictated that homes should be warmed all day long throughout the winter season.

The closed, boring, black stoves are something of the past.  We are now able to offer a range of modern and classic Combustion Stoves.

Jotul has been designing and manufacturing stoves in Norway for almost 150 years.  During this time, the quality of their fireplaces has become a cornerstone of the way to do things.  Coupled with this, is Clean Burn Technology which not only offers far greater heat outputs but also limits smoke vented into the environment.

The stoves are made out of cast iron.  This allows the stove to reflect heat for a long period even after the fire has died out. All the units are sealed stoves. This offers the homeowner an efficient fireplace where you can control the rate of burn heating to where you are comfortable.

With a range of free-standing and built-in units in larger or smaller sizes, you will be able to find the unit to suit your needs.

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