Combustion Stove and Fireplace explained.


Air is brought into the rear of the stove, circulated via internal ducting to pr-heat the air.
It is then, as it gains momentum, injected via a stainless steel baffle into the top of the Jotul combustion chamber. This action causes the un-burnt gases (by product of the fuel) to be re-ignited and burn again producing extra heat and cleaner emissions.

The Jotul stove or fireplace must be burning at its optimum temperature to achieve clean burning eficiency and to reduce emissions.

Primary air

Primary air is the combustion air needed to ‘feed the fire’ and is generally delivered via a controllable air vent on the door of the stove to the underneath of the fire.

Secondary air

Jotul stoves and fireplaces, with exception of only a couple of earlier designs, all have secondary air ‘air washed’ systems.
Pre-heated, controllable, air is collected through a front air intake and is jetted down the back of the high temperature ceramic glass.

This system keeps any volatile by-products of combustion away from the glass, improving your view of the flame picture.

View the eight stoves in our Jotul range...


This stove is another best seller for Jotul, with its renowned gothic door styling and classic lines.

The Jotus F3 makes an elegant focal point in any room.

Minimum heat output 1.8 and
  Maximum output of 9kW
Multi & Fuel Grate available


The award-winning Jotul F220 is a stylishly designed small stove.  The curved glass in the door creates a panoramic view of the fire whilst the minimal lines of the stove design blend effortlessly into any interior.

This cast iron stove is truly multi-fuel, and has a built-in riddling grate and ash pan operated by a single practical tool.

Available in Matt black paint or Blue-black enamel finishes with cleanburn and ‘air wash’ as standard.

A unique feature of the F220 is that it has the option of Top, Rear or Side flue outlet.

Heat output: Minimum 1.8kW        and Maximum 9kW


The Jotul F320 offers the same design flexibility as the Jotul F350.

With a choice of eye-catching side panels, stainless steel or black to complement the blue-black enamel finish (optional extra).
The side panels can be augmented with an arctic blue soapstone inlay to complete the look as an optional accessory.

Heat output of 10,5kW


I 80 Mini

The Jotul I 80 Mini has clearnburn technology and the Jotul airwash system as standard.

Whether it is the contemporary ‘Harmony’ folding doors, the spectacular option of the ‘Panorama’ door which gives you so much more flame picture, or the time-honoured ‘Classic’ door for that bay window effect, we are sure that you will find the look you want to enhance your room.

The I 80 Mini has an impressive 10kW heating capacity.


The Jotul F100 offers all of the sophistication and styling of traditional Jotul quality, integrated with the latest heating know-how, to bring you a stove that has been well thought-out when it comes to the needs of typical homes.

Sized to fit most fireplace openings, measuring only 565 mm (H) by 533 (W) by 387mm (D), the Jotul F100 is our latest addition to the family.

Capable of burning wood and solid fuel, with the addition of the optional multi-fuel kit, the Jotul F100 may be small, but it doesn’t lack any heat output being capable of providing an impressive 7,5kW’s.

‘Air wash’ and cleanburn systems as standard.
With a Minimum heat output of 2.7kW and Maximum of 7.5kW


The Jotul F400 combines Jotul style with technology to give an outstanding style to any home.

The front twin ‘air washed’ doors provide a clear view of the flame picture through classic ‘gothic’ arches.The design and attractive detail, cast into this stove by our sophisticated manufacturing process, creates a stove that in itself is a piece of furniture. Performance has not been overlooked, the latest claenburn technology is standard, giving you a highly efficient stove to create our ‘cast iron promise of warmth’.
The Jotul F400 has detachable handle for safety and an intergral ash solution for convenience and the oppertunity to burn selected smokeleass fuels.

An impressive heat output of 10.5kW



The Jotul F350 is a beautiful cast iron cleanburn stove, finished in our world-renowned blue-black enamel. 

Further enhanced by the addition of ceramic panels (optional extra). The combination of materials gives the Jotul F350 a special character.

With a heat output of 12kW, the Jotul F350 is a piece of ‘heating furniture’.

C 31 Casssette

The landscape ‘air washed’ door on the Jotul C 31 Cassette not only gives a wonderful view of the fire; it is the central feature of this built-in fireplace. Ideally sized to fit most conventional fireplace openings, the Jotul 31 Cassette offers convected heat circulation to reach out to the corners of your room.

Capable of producing an impresssive 11 kW of heat output, the Jotul c 31 Cassette gives you the pleasure of traditional home heating combined with an astounding fire view.


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